7 Things to Do in Madison County, Ohio

January 11, 2024

Madison County, Ohio has more going for it in 2024 than simply carrying the namesake of James Madison. Distinct from its surrounding counties, Madison has managed to hang on to a small town feel thanks to its constituent municipalities and despite all the growth and progress that lend parts of the county its evolving charm.

What should you do on your visit to Madison County, Ohio? These seven stops should be on your list: Madison County Historical Museum, Camp Chase Trail, Madison County Fairgrounds, London Country Club, Madison County Senior Center, Butcher Block, and Madison Lake State Park.

The word "Ohio" carved onto a stone surface.

Where is Madison County, Ohio?

Snuggled between Columbus and Springfield, Madison is a fine respite from the big city; an oasis just close enough to the city amenities while maintaining its own history and peaceful charm. From museums to county fairs, Madison County, Ohio has a range of year-round and seasonal activities for tourists to try.

Let's look at some of the best places to get started!

Madison County Historical Museum

Boasting an array of artifacts, photographs, and stories, the Madison County Historical Museum is a must-see for anyone visiting the area. While currently under renovation at the time of this publication, would-be visitors can still explore a variety of online exhibits while the Historical Society finishes its work of making the physical location an even richer experience for all.

Camp Chase Trail

Connecting the counties of Franklin and Madison, the Camp Chase Trail is a "shining example of a well-constructed rail-with-trail," according to TrailLink. This enjoyable rail trail begins in Madison County and leads through sections of Georgesville, Galloway, and the gorgeous Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park before finally dropping riders off on the west side of Columbus.

Bonus: If you choose to ride west instead of east at the trailhead, the 6.5 mile Roberts Pass Trail will usher you off to London, Ohio (the little city where Sovereign Village is!).  

Madison County Fairgrounds

Speaking of London, one of the year's most anticipated events also takes place here. Drawing on a rich tradition dating back to 1853, the Madison County Fair has captured the hearts and minds of fairgoers for over a century. The excitement in the air is fresh each year as the Madison County Fairgrounds play host to exciting rides, tasty foods and a veritable cornucopia of events and contests showcasing the county's best livestock, music, magic tricks, and so much more.

Curious what London, Ohio would have looked like during the first county fair in 1853? Take a peek with this historic photo collage!  

London Country Club

Looking to hit the links on short notice? London Country Club is the place to go. With no required tee times for members, a PGA Professional available on site for lessons, and a top-of-the-line pro shop, your peaceful afternoon on the best greens in Madison County is a short drive away.

Tradition's Catering is available to book for events at the club or elsewhere.

Madison County Senior Center

The Madison County Senior Center provides a rich space and atmosphere for its vibrant elderly community. With a delicious cafe, plenty of entertaining events and activities, and a supportive, friendly environment for seniors, it's no wonder the organization is a cornerstone institution in the Madison area. The Center even facilitates a variety of exciting group trip opportunities to destinations like Italy, Niagara Falls, Maine, and Michigan.

The Butcher Block

The Butcher Block continues to earn its reputation in 2024 as the hottest restaurant in the area. The staff promise high-quality (local when possible) American food with a friendly yet classy atmosphere. Equal parts game-day grub hub and reservation-worthy date night diner, this is one Madison County restaurant you do NOT want to miss out on. Located right next door to our campus, Sovereign Village residents love having 24/7 access to their favorite meals.

We're willing to bet they're not the only ones who will be coming back for seconds.

Madison Lake State Park

Madison Lake's 106 acres and surrounding grounds provide a scenic landscape for fishing, boating, family gatherings, and day hiking. According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the park's 300 feet of sandy beach are also open for all visitors to enjoy in designated areas. And by "all visitors" we really do mean "ALL visitors." Among the designated swimming areas is one specifically for your furry friends!

Forget leaving Fido leashed up all day — Madison County, Ohio promises a fun time for the whole family.      

Mist coming off of a lake surrounded by trees on the shore as a group of birds wade in its shallows.

Planning a Visit?

We know you'll love your time here. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!  

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